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Request for Scouting

The Partner Enabled Innovation program offers you the possibility to support your business with additional scouting capabilities and tools

When you are facing an innovation challenge or if you have identified a white spot in terms of knowledge or technology for your business you can fill out a scouting request below. Note that these requests should also be discussed prior to uploading with your procurement team as we want to ensure that this solution is not already available within the current supply base 

For more info please also go to the PEI Sharepoint

Scouting Process

  • Upload a new scouting request by clicking on "Create new scouting brief" button below.
  • This will open a new window with a number of questions that you need to complete. If you have multiple scouting challenges which you would like to run as an Early Supplier Involvement event specific to your business you can also use the scouting brief template (simple attach the challenges in an excel file or powerpoint as an attachment). The team will than support you in setting up the innovation challenges and the event. For more information on Early Supplier Involvement please go to the page for the Early Supplier Involvement toolbox
  • Save the form by clicking save
  • After review by the scouting team you will receive an invite for a meeting to further discuss to make sure the briefing is understood and enriched if needed
  • Timeline and approach will be aligned and scouting will be executed. Please take into account that this will also require a certain amount of support from you as requester and your Procurement Engineer
  • A new innovation challenge will be created based on your requirements. 


Create a new Scouting Brief

In case of questions please reach out to Alice Verdonk





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