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About SPICE & Frequently Asked Questions

Sourcing Program for Innovation & Collaborative Entrepreneurship

The Philips SPICE program aims to identify innovation opportunities and initiate innovation collaboration with several different innovation players: Philips existing suppliers, new potential suppliers (e.g. SMEs or startups), research institutes, universities, or individual inventors...

Philips posts on this portal "Innovation Challenges" related to our new innovation roadmap. External users are invited to propose ideas, solutions, new technologies, products and/or services responding to these challenges. Please be aware that you should only post non-confidential material. This will allow us to avoid the risk of IP contamination for both parties

SPICE Process at a glance

Your innovation ideas will be reviewed by the specific Innovation Challenge owners. Relevant ideas will also be exposed to a broad community of Philips innovators to identify all possible collaboration opportunities within Philips.
You will be able to follow the status of your innovations.

You have great innovations that help improve people lives? Whether you are a company with new technology, an individual inventor, a university, a start-up, a medical care provider… Let's team up!
With this SPICE supplier and open innovation platform we will help you connect to the diverse research, development, clinical and business teams within Philips that could help make your invention part of a larger health and well being solution.

SPICE is a large community of innovators, with 1000's of new innovation opportunities and already hundreds of successful innovation projects... Join the community!

Yvan Davoust, Director Procurement & SPICE program

Your innovations and related comments will be only visible to you and Philips employees and not to other supplier or external parties.

Please remember that only non-confidential information shall be exchanged on the portal. If your idea is confidential, you shall only submit a teaser that does not reveal the inventive principle. We will then follow up once proper confidentiality arrangements have been agreed.
You will receive a notification that your idea has been submitted and is under revision by our community manager. Once the community manager will approve it, it will be visible to all Philips employees and the process will start. You will be notified by email once the idea/solution is taken for further consideration or assessment. You can also review your idea via the Dashboard page to check how many people have seen it and get real time feedback on the way inventiveness, feasibility or relevance to Philips is perceived by the community.
This voting widget (with the orange light bulbs) is used by the Philips team to share to what extend they recommend to follow up on this idea.
On average 10% of the innovation ideas submitted on SPICE lead to a deep dive and specific feasibility assessment in one of Philips businesses, and half of those are actually implemented in collaboration with the innovator as part of a Philips product or solution.
Your idea might anyhow not always fit with Philips strategy and portfolio – in which case we will do our best to answer you as fast as possible to let you pursue other ways to develop your innovation

Philips users can download specific guideline for Philips users here.





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