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Innovating with YOU !

Philips strives to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation

With SPICE, supplier ideas find a large Philips audience in all businesses; all ideas are reviewed in a systematic way and brought to the attention of relevant innovation & business teams, who will then contact you – ideas are never lost. Suppliers can both collaborate on Philips innovation needs or proactively propose innovative products or technologies that will improve our future portfolio and/or current products. You can be part of it! I would like to invite you as an innovative supplier to join, collaborate and innovate with Philips. This portal offers a great opportunity to do just that!

Scott Schwartz, Chief Procurement Officer Royal Philips


Philips is a great innovation company with the ambition to be a leader in HealthTech across the care continuum, and to improve the life of 3 billion people. To fulfill that ambition – and to address unmet end-customer needs through innovative solutions - we work with the best companies and clinical or academic partners that share our vision. If this appeals to you, please team up with Philips to jointly create the future!

Ramon Suarez, Head of Procurement Business Partnering Royal Philips

In Philips Research we increasingly use open innovation in the solutions we bring. Based on our in depth application knowledge and strong technical capabilities, we determine the specifications our solutions require. Our first approach is to actively look in the outside world what is already available or where we can co-create with complementary partners. Will you team up and boost our innovations? Join SPICE!

Eva Wisse, Philips Research





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