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What is in for you?

  •  make your innovation visible to a wide range of Philips business categories and professionals;
  •  increase your chances of innovating with Philips by having the right route to the right team and people;
  •  share leads on innovations you think Philips should pick up;
  •  receive fast feedback on your proposal;
  •  see what Philips innovators think about your idea through the SPICE voting mechanism;
  •  enter into direct dialogue with Philips innovators.


When a challenge is published, all users able to see it can answer by posting new innovations. These innovations will be voted and assessed. If the assessment is positive the innovation will be adopted and further developed in a formal Philips’ project. If the assessment is negative, the innovation will be parked but will stay visible to all Philips’ users for any future purpose. Good to know:

  • Innovation authors (external users) can see only those innovations they posted;
  • Innovations posted are only visible to Philips users (internal users)
  • All information shall be shared on non-confidential basis
  • Subscription to the portal is necessary to see all Generic challenges
  • Subscribers approved by an internal Philips contact will be able to see all the challenges (Generic and Technical)

Browse Philips Innovation Challenges

Entries which do not fit in any of the dedicated Personal Health challenges can be submitted here...

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Philips Sonicare believes that good oral care habits can and will help maintain your teeth for li...

Philips wants to offer the best solutions to empower people to be their best self, every day....

Philips is the leader in image-guided therapy, providing integrated solutions that advance minima...

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Innovating with YOU !

Philips is a great innovation company with the ambition to be a leader in HealthTech across the care continuum, and to improve the life of 3 billion people. To fulfill that ambition – and to address unmet end-customer needs through innovative solutions - we work with the best companies and clinical or academic partners that share our vision. We see Open Innovation 2.0 as true ecosystem innovation leveraging common digital platforms. If this appeals to you, please team up with Philips to jointly create the future! Henk van Houten, Chief Technology Officer Royal Philips

With SPICE, supplier ideas find a large Philips audience in all businesses; all ideas are reviewed in a systematic way and brought to the attention of relevant innovation & business teams, who will then contact you – ideas are never lost. Suppliers can both collaborate on Philips innovation needs or proactively propose innovative products or technologies that will improve our future portfolio and/or current products. You can be part of it! I would like to invite you as an innovative supplier to join, collaborate and innovate with Philips. This portal offers a great opportunity to do just that! Scott Schwartz, Head of Procurement Engineering Royal Philips






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